Scoutmasters or the designated registrar for the troop may register their scouts at beginning October 15, 2016.  Registration closes November 9th.  The registrar will need to be registered with the BSA and current with Youth Protection Training.  You’ll need your BSA # and the date you took your YPT.  You can find this by logging on to or checking with your local council.

This might help:

To create a profile, you’ll need the following information:

Your Council Name

Your District Name

Youth Protection Training date (Must be within the past two years.)

BSA ID # (on your registration card or you can call the scout office.  To expedite things you can make up a number as long as you promise to get the real number and update your profile later.”

Your Troop #

Once you’ve created your profile, registering the scouts is pretty easy.  Scroll down past the long list of merit badges on our site, and you’ll see instructions for registering scouts.

Let me know if you need more help.