2017 LDS MBC kudos received from Scouts, parents, & leaders who attended:

Thank you so much for setting up this wonderful merit badge college again for 2017. We are thrilled to be attending from the coast. Amy (Scout Mom from the coast)

We really appreciate you hosting and coordinating this MB clinic. Our boys are excited to participate!  Stacy (Scout mom from Virginia)

Thank you for your time in setting up this great opportunity for the scouts. We really appreciate it and know it requires a tremendous amount of work and coordination.  Thank you, both for your help and for your service to our scouts! Rod (SM from NC)

I wanted to thank you for helping me complete my Cooking and Personal Management merit badges.  I really appreciate you all for accommodating me in the group.  I really enjoyed my time at the merit badge session and learned a lot of new things.  Thank you again!  Arnav (SC Scout)

Thanks for all of your efforts in trying to contact me about registration.  I did get registered tonight so we are good to go. Thanks so much for all of your hard work in making this happen every year.  Amy (Scout Mom from NC)

This is a great merit badge clinic, my son has earned several badges over the years from this!  Amy (Scout Mom)

Thank you for another awesome year at LDS.  All of our scouts had a great time at their classes and will definitely be back next year!  James & Charlene (Troop Leaders, VA)

Thanks….the LDS clinic has consistently been a great experience for us.  We sincerely appreciate your service!  Chris (Scout Dad from NC State)

2016 LDS MBC kudos received from some who attended:

 “Just read your write up from last year. Michael completed all the badges last night and eagled in June. Thank you for being such a great part of his scouting world.”  Vickie and Michael (Mom & Son from Orange County, California)

“Thanks so much. This is a wonderful program that you put on. Thank you for doing it.” Pam (Scout mom from NC)

Thanks for all you do – my son has attended this MBC for two years, and it is always well run, and the classes are well taught.  Kimberly (Scout mom from NC)

Multiple parents and leaders thanked us profusely for putting it on and were very impressed.  A few of the leaders from other non-LDS troops stuck around to help out where we were short on volunteers.  Ben (Wake Forest Building Captain)

We just wanted to thank you for your program and allowing our son to participate. Grant earned three merit badges and learned a lot about the subjects.  He took it seriously and read the merit badge books and completed the merit badge worksheets prior to insure he was prepared.  Thank you.  Dan and Joan (Scout Parents from New York)

My son attended the Merit Badge College in November.  He had a great time.  I was amazed with the Digital Technology (merit badge).  When my son told me he had built a computer, I was knocked over!  I didn’t think he was there that long!  And then he was one chosen to bring his computer home.  My son would like to thank the instructor again.  I think his last name was Gannon (Craig McGannon).  We look forward to Merit Badge College next year.  Thanks in advance.  We plan to bring more scouts next year!  Cynthia (Scout mom from Greensboro, NC)

2015 LDS Merit Badge Clinic kudos received from some who attended:

These are two fantastic merit badge days!  V.T. Scout Mom from CA

I wanted to take a minute to thank you for your efforts to make the merit badge clinic a positive experience for us. I was blown away by the organization, the preparation, and the overall production of the clinic. My son was on Six Forks Road, and we had another Scout who attended in Mooresville. We were extremely happy with the competence of the counselors and the overall quality of the instruction. We left with excitement for earning a handful of merit badges, and both boys reported back to their patrols on Monday what a positive experience they had. I can say with utmost confidence we will return next year!  F.B. Scout leader from SC

Thank you, sir. Your class was a rewarding and educational experience for both my son and me. And that’s the point, right? He actually learned something and worked hard to complete the requirements. I thought your preparation and delivery were spot on.  F.B. Scout Parent from SC

Thank you for a wonderful experience over the last two days.  My son got three merit badges, and enjoyed it tremendously!  A.A. Scout Mom from NC

I wanted to thank you and everyone involved in helping with the LDS Merit Badge Clinic this past Friday and Saturday. This was my first experience with merit badges, and it was a huge success.  It was a very interesting process to observe and what we learned was important to help our Troop achieve their future successes. I will share this information and process with the other Boy Scouts, Unit Leaders, Merit Badge Counselors, parents, etc.  T.T. troop leader from Goldston, NC

What a great event.  Our boys took Theater, Animation, and Entrepreneurship.  We have been to many other councils for these events, and your event was unusual because all three counselors actually worked or had experience in their fields.  Also the pre-work was accurately communicated so scouts could be responsible to earn a completion.  Thank you very much for making this event possible and offering opportunities to so many scouts.  Also thank you for welcoming out-of-council scouts.  With Thanks, S.B & W.D. Scout leaders from Asheville, NC

Thanks for your help and all you’re doing.  I’ve organized merit badge clinics and it is no easy task.  My hats off to you and your team!  Thanks.  D.F. Scout Leader

I really appreciated your help earlier when I ran into some difficulties getting my son registered.  You were so helpful and responsive.  C.T. Scout’s mom

We had a wonderful time and a successful day!  Thank you so much for your time, help, and for organizing such a fine event.  We will return!  A.M. Scout Mom from McCutcheon Field, NC

More Reviews From Attendees of Our Merit Badge Clinic

“By far, this is the most organized merit badge clinic we have attended!”  Wake Forest Parent

“I just wanted to thank you and all the other volunteers that helped to put this together for the scouts. My son had a great time and learned a lot today.  We thank you for offering this opportunity to earn merit badges.  It was a great event.  Thank you. ”  LS, Scout Parent

“Thank you very much for an extremely well done merit badge clinic. Our small scout troop drove from Clinton, NC to attend at the Wake Forest site. The counselors were excellent and the boys learned a lot. We would definitely make plans to attend your sessions in the future and have nothing but good to say for your leaders.”  RB, Scoutmaster

“We came last year from Virginia and we loved it. We got to meet a family that came from Florida in the Horsemanship merit badge class. We know others who want to know about this event, and we’ll be sharing  information with them.”  Family from Virginia

“We participated last year and this was one of our favorite and best organized MB events we have attended.”  T. L. ASM  for Troop 713 in Cameron, NC.

“My son attended the cinematography session yesterday at Fuquay-Varina. He had a great time. I am so impressed with that organization and the leaders there were fantastic.”  T. B. (parent)

“Wonderful work!  Thank you, so much.” President D.

“Thanks for your great work with this event.” S. B.

“Again my compliments for a very well prepared and executed class.   All the elements for a great class were present;  good information,  involvement,  activity. Many thanks!”  S. H.

“That is really something.  Hats off to you.  I can’t imagine the effort it takes from all of you to make this thing happen.”  N. B.

“Thanks! The Genealogy Merit Badge Counselor was great!”  A. L.

“LDS Merit Badge Clinic  October 29 & 30, 2010

The Fall Tri-District Merit Badge Clinic was bursting with opportunities to earn Boy Scout Merit Badges.  Offerings included some of the Historic Merit Badges that can only be earned in 2010, Eagle required badges and an abundance of other badges.   Remember to earn your Eagle Rank you will need 21 Merit Badges with 12 of those designated as Eagle Merit Badges.   131 Sessions were offered at the three locations with classes offered on Friday night and two sessions on Saturday. Troop 28 had 11 scouts attend earning 24 badges.” Troop 28, Raleigh, NC