Stake Coordinators

Stake Coordinator’s Responsibilities:

  • Act as a primary single point of contact for all things LDS Merit Badge Clinic in your stake.
  • Act as liaison between building captains and stake leaders.
  • Receive and forward to appropriate leaders receipts for reimbursement. The total LDS MBC budget for your stake will be less than $150.
  • Make sure the LDS Merit Badge Clinic is listed on stake and ward calendars each year for the second weekend of November. Reserve all rooms in each building in your stake.  This should already be the case for 2017, but please double check to make sure.  Since we are unable to move this event, please “guard” the date and keep others from double scheduling.  We really do use every room (except for the chapel) and the kitchen and the foyer and even the parking lots.

November 9 & 10, 2018

November 8 & 9, 2019

  • Encourage all Scout leaders and other potential counselors to take the MB Counselor Orientation training (D76 – This is now available online at and can be completed in about an hour . . . or an hour & a half if this is their very first introduction to Scouting.)  This is a once and done course.  One only needs to take it once, and it is good for eternity, or until the BSA changes its policy.
  • NEW MERIT BADGE FOR 2017.  Exploration MB was released in December of 2016.  We really want to offer this one this year.  Please help find counselors that can teach Exploration MB in several of our buildings.  (For a description and requirements, please visit Exploration.)  There have been no new merit badges since Exploration.

Counselors can come from any member (brother or sister) and our non-member friends.  Recruit other scout leaders from non-LDS troops as well.  Many community professionals (doctor, attorney, firefighter, police officer, dentist, veterinarian, etc.) make excellent counselors once we get them registered and trained.

  • Support and encourage building captains in your stake in any way you’re prompted by the Spirit.
  • Recommend individuals to serve as ward reps and building captains when needed.  We try to avoid bothering Bishops with recommending volunteers to serve in the LDS MBC.   YM/YW leaders, Primary leaders, and Scout Committee chairs are all good sources in finding volunteers for this event.
  • Serve as a merit badge counselor yourself if you like or help with the support team in one of the buildings.
  • Have fun associating with the Scouts, their families, and leaders.

Thanks so much for serving with the LDS Merit Badge Clinic.

 9/29/18 revision