Ward Reps/Asst. Building Captains

Ward Representatives’ Responsibilities (If your building has just one ward, this list is also for Asst. Building Captains):

(One of the Ward Reps may serve as an assistant to the building captain.  He/she may be asked to fill in as captain if the BC is ill or otherwise missing.)

  • A major responsibility will be to advertise the event in your ward and recruit MB counselors from ward members and nonmember friends of members.

Additionally, you’ll want to help fulfill some of the jobs listed for the building captain.  Some of these include:

  • Help secure MB counselors for your building.  Especially try to have several Eagle required MBs and as many other “popular” MBs as you can.  You’ll probably want to start by contacting all of those who served as counselors for the past couple of years. We also want the newer Merit Badges if possible.  We often have scouts traveling from other states to work on one of the brand new merit badges.  2016 MB:  Exploration.  2015 MBs:  Animation; and Signs, Signals, & Codes.  2014 MBs:  Digital Technology; and Mining in Society.  2013 MBs:  Game Design; Programming; and Sustainability.  (For the complete list of new merit badges, visit http://blog.scoutingmagazine.org/merit-badge-calendar/)
  • Wear your uniform and be helpful, cordial overseers of the activity.  This event usually runs quite smoothly, but be prepared to put out fires and smooth ruffled feathers as needed.
  • Personally phone or visit with MB Counselors who will be teaching in your building at least one week ahead and see if they have questions or special needs.  (An email is not sufficient for this one.)
  • Ask your MB counselors to make a commitment for next year too.  Let them know we’ll do it all again on November 9th and 10th in 2018.
  • Oversee cleanup and make sure the building is locked when you leave.
  • Any other assignment/request from the building captain. This is a team effort and really works best when all give their all.
  • Have fun associating with the Scouts, their families, and leaders.

Thanks so much for serving with the LDS Merit Badge Clinic.

 8/6/17 revision